UCL Department of Electronic and Electrical Engineering
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Policies and Standards

EEE has been classified as a high hazard department due to the nature of it's activities and labs. 

As a department we have the following Policies, objectives and SOPs to ensure safe working in the department 

Departmental Safety Policy 2023-24
Departmental Safety Objectives 2023-24
EEE Key Codes and Access Policy

EEE Out of Hours and Lone Working Policy


SOP for Movement of Cryogenics using the Goods Lift

Departmental Rules for Purchase and Delivery of Hazardous items 2023-24

Departmental standard for use of PPE in wet laboratories 2023-24

EEE Workshop Safety Handbook

To discuss any of the policies please email eee-safety@ucl.ac.uk and include the title of the policy you'd like to discuss. We're always looking to improve our department's health and safety and work with those who are in the department.