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Slips, trips & falls

By the far most common injuries in workplaces are caused by slips, trips, and falls. Trip, slip & fall hazards can be minimized by keeping your work area clean and tidy, reporting damage (loose tiles, torn carpets etc.) and performing manual handling tasks safely, as discussed above. The risk may also be reduced by staying safety aware and acting conscientiously on shared spaces:

  • Do not run in corridors
  • Don’t push past people if they (or you!) are carrying things, especially hot drinks
  • Don’t block routes when stopping for conversation with others
  • Pay attention to where you are walking (don’t become focused only on your phone!)

Liquid spills should be cleaned up- large spills or floods may be reported to Estates Cleaning Services via the department office. Please mark any large spills/floods or damp, slippery floor areas with warning signs to alert others to the hazard- these may be obtained from the department technical team.