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Transferring files

How to transfer data in/out of the department


You can transfer files in/out of the department using SFTP. There are many software clients available that will allow you to connect to the department and present your files in an interface that will allow you to drag and drop to/from your departmental computing account.

When connecting you should use the following:

Connection Details:
Host: ssh.ee.ucl.ac.uk
Port: 22
Userid: The userid you use to login to departmental computing services (NO @ucl.ac.uk included)
Password: The password you use to login to departmental computing services.
Recommended Software:
Windows Clients: WinSCP


Apple Clients: CyberDuck


You can use Onedrive to synchronise files between client devices in the department and outside of the department

When installing Onedrive you will need to enter your userid as UCLuserid@ucl.ac.uk, followed by your usual UCL password.


When you connect to a Windows desktop via SGD or via an RDP connection, if you open up the file explorer on the remote machine you should see that your local PC drive is available as a storage device. This will allow you to drag and drop files between your UCL storage and your own personal device.