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Disk Quota Problems

How to manage your disk quota

Disk space on the departmental network file stores is a finite resource, so we employ a quota system to limit how much each person can use.

The current limits are:

Taught student (UG/MSc) and visitors: 25Gb
Everyone else: 100Gb

We strongly recommend that you use this space to store your data, as it is backed up to tape every night and snapshots are also taken at regular intervals throughout the day.

We run a regular check that will email you to warn you if you are close to exceeding this quota limit.

How do I check my Disk Quota?

You can check your quota limit by logging into any departmental linux host and typing the command "showquota".


768 student@vm-berlin:~$ showquota

Quota Report for:	Student
Located on:		silo2-cifs-nfs-02-vl1.ee.ucl.ac.uk
Volume:			/vol_17072019_111614_46

Quota for student             Disk Space Percentage
----------------------------- ---------- ----------
Disk Quota is set at:         25Gb       100%      
Used space:                   7.2Gb      29%       
Free space:                   18Gb       71%       

769 student@vm-berlin:~$ 

What is using all the space?

To find our what is using all the space, login to any departmental linux host and run the command "show-disk-usage".

This will display all top level files/folders and how much space each one is using. We recommend that you do not remove any files/folders unless you are very sure what they are used for

How do I get more disk space?

In the first instance we would encourage you to run the "show-disk-usage" command and see if there are any files/folders that you are able to delete. If you are not able to free up enough disk space you can contact support@ee.ucl.ac.uk to request additional space. It is always useful to let us know what this space will be used for and how much you think you need. This will help us to sort out the additional space or sort out alternative storage that may be more appropriate for you needs.