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Mobile Print

Print to the EE printing service from any device that can send email

We are currently investigating an intermittent problem with emails delivered to this service. This problem causes emails to mobile-print to be resent every 15 minutes for at least 24 hours, causing multiple jobs to appear on the printer and multiple emails to be sent to the end user. We have implemented a temporary work around for this problem to make the mobile print service automatically drop any requests that have already been sent to it on the same day. Until this issue is fixed you will not be able to resend the same files to be printed on the same day. If you wish to print any files again on the same day you will need to rename the files.


Email Addresses

The mobile print service allows you to send print jobs to the EE printing service via any device that can send email. You can specify whether you want to print in black and white or in colour, by using the appropriate email address:


To print Black and White mobile-print@ee.ucl.ac.uk
To print Colour mobile-print-colour@ee.ucl.ac.uk

Do I need to put anything in the Subject or Body of the email?

You can have anything you like in the subject or the body of the email. The service will ignore this and just read the attachments. This will allow you to to simply forward emails with attachments to the mobile-print email addresses

Who can use this service?

You must have an EE computing account to use this service and you must send your email from an @ucl.ac.uk (or @ee.ucl.ac.uk) email address.

What can you print?

Text or PDF files will be sent direct to the printer. Any Microsoft Office files will be converted to PDF and then sent to the printer. If we detect a file type we can not print or convert you will be informed by email.

Where does this print to?

All successfully submitted print jobs will be sent to the Canon_Secure print queue. These jobs will stay in the queue for a maximum of 12 hours.

Microsoft Office Advice

Any Microsoft Office files you send to this service will be converted to a PDF file before being sent to the printer. You may find that the PDF conversion of a complex document does not give you 100% identical output. For a complex document I would recommend that you use Microsoft office to save your document as PDF before emailing it to the mobile print service.


Every email to the service will automatically be replied to. This reply will tell you which documents have been sent to the printer, along with any errors that have been encountered.


Please report any problems to support@ee.ucl.ac.uk.