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Mapping Network Shares

How to map network shares on a Windows/Linux PC

You can map network shares onto your PC if  your PC is on the departmental network, or if your PC is connected to Eduroam at UCL, or if you are connected to the UCL VPN.

Mapping a network drive on a Windows PC

  1. Open File Explorer from the taskbar or the Start menu, or press the Windows logo key + E.
  2. Right Click on "This PC" from the left pane and select "Map Network Drive" (If you are using Windows 11 you may need to select the "More options" menu item first).
  3. In the Drive list, select a drive letter. ...
  4. In the Folder box, type the path of the share you want to connect to (Paths are listed in the table below). If you want to mount your home directory you should use "\\homes.ee.ucl.ac.uk\userid" (where "userid" is replaced with your departmental userid)
  5. Select Finish

When you are prompted for a password, if it displays the "Domain" as "EE", then you can just enter your userid and password to map the drive.

If you are doing this from a PC that is not connected to the EE network, when the box pops up to ask you to enter your password, you need to select "More Choices" >> "Use a different account", and then enter your userid as "EE\userid", (where you replace "userid" with your actual userid. i.e. EE\uceeabc). Enter your UCL password and then the drive should be mapped.

To save time in the future, you can right click on the drive and chose to "create a shortcut". Drag this shortcut to the desktop and then you can just double click to mount the drive (You will still need to enter your userid/password).

Mapping a network drive on a Mac

  • Click on "Go" >> "Connect to server"
  • To map your home directory, enter the server address as: smb://homes.ee.ucl.ac.uk/userid (where you replace "userid" with your UCL userid. If you use an older legacy userid for accessing departmental IT resources you will need to use that userid).
  • Alternatively, if you wish to map an different network drive you can use the shares listed below, but in the format smb://shares.ee.ucl.ac.uk/sharename
  • Click on "Connect"
  • Login as "EE\userid" with your usual UCL password.

The shares available are:

Old Share Name New Share Name Windows Path Linux Path
ee_academic academic \\shares.ee.ucl.ac.uk\academic /group/academic
ee_admin admin \\shares.ee.ucl.ac.uk\admin


ee_admin_conf admin_conf \\shares.ee.ucl.ac.uk\admin_conf /group/admin_conf
ee_bt bt \\shares.ee.ucl.ac.uk\bt /group/bt
ee_engd engd \\shares.ee.ucl.ac.uk\engd /group/engd
ee_hod hod \\shares.ee.ucl.ac.uk\hod


ee_msc msc \\shares.ee.ucl.ac.uk\msc /group/msc
ee_ndfis ndff \\shares.ee.ucl.ac.uk\ndff /group/ndff
ee_webdocs webdocs \\shares.ee.ucl.ac.uk\webdocs /group/webdocs
gp_abe abe \\shares.ee.ucl.ac.uk\abe /group/abe
gp_ong ong \\shares.ee.ucl.ac.uk\ong /group/ong
gp_photonics photonics \\shares.ee.ucl.ac.uk\photonics /group/photonics
gp_photomat photomat \\shares.ee.ucl.ac.uk\photomat /group/photomat
gp_radar radar \\shares.ee.ucl.ac.uk\radar /group/radar
gp_tcom tcom \\shares.ee.ucl.ac.uk\tcom /group/tcom
phdadmin phdadmin \\shares.ee.ucl.ac.uk\phdadmin /group/phdadmin
rdata_analog rdata_analog \\shares.ee.ucl.ac.uk\rdata_analog \/rdata/analog
rdata_bistatic rdata_bistatic \\shares.ee.ucl.ac.uk\rdata_bistatic /rdata/bistatic
rdata_cis rdata_cis \\shares.ee.ucl.ac.uk\rdata_cis /rdata/cis
rdata_digiart rdata_digiart \\shares.ee.ucl.ac.uk\rdata_digiart /rdata/digiart
rdata_npan rdata_npan \\shares.ee.ucl.ac.uk\rdata_npan /rdata/npan
rdata_ong rdata_ong \\shares.ee.ucl.ac.uk\rdata_ong /rdata/ong
rdata_ong_archive rdata_ong_archive  \\shares.ee.ucl.ac.uk\rdata_ong_archive /rdata/ong-archive
rdata_photonics rdata_photonics \\shares.ee.ucl.ac.uk\rdata_photonics /rdata/photonics
rdata_r910 rdata_r910 \\shares.ee.ucl.ac.uk\rdata_r910 /rdata/r910
rdata_radar rdata_radar \\shares.ee.ucl.ac.uk\rdata_radar /rdata/radar
rdata_revqual rdata_revqual \\shares.ee.ucl.ac.uk\rdata_revqual /rdata/revqual

Accessing a network drive on a linux PC/server

If you want to access these shares from a dept linux PC/server, you can automount the shares by requesting them in the "/group/" directory. To do this you just need to request the share by name


cd /group/ong

The shares are not visible in /group until you request them using the command above. Just replace "/group/ong" in the example above with the correct Linux path from the table above.