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Visiting other institutions, conferences, travel etc.

Off-site working is any teaching, research or work activity carried out by UCL staff, students or visiting research workers on behalf of UCL in places or premises which are not rented or owned by UCL.

A generic risk assessment covering key risks associated with TRAVELLING TO AND FROM MEETINGS, EVENTS AND CONFERENCES (staff and students) at other institutions or locations in the UK or abroad is available through riskNET - search for RA042911/2 – Title: UCL Generic Risk Assessment for travelling to and from meetings, events, and conferences (staff and students). 

A specific risk assessment will be needed if you decide to do collaborative research or fieldwork in addition to attending a conference or meeting, if you will be visiting another institution specifically to do research there, or if you are a member of a vulnerable group (for example people more at risk due to their ethnicity, age, disability, or status as new or expectant mothers).

For further guidance on the process of risk assessing visits to other sites, conferences, undertaking fieldwork etc. please see the off-site working pages on the Safety Services website. For more guidance on risk assessment & RiskNet please see the risk assessment section.