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Safety Training

UCL requires all new starters to complete the following mandatory online safety courses on  Day 1.

 All new starters must also complete the Departmental fire & general safety induction. These inductions are held twice monthly by the Department Safety Officer (DSO). New starters will receive an email requesting to attend the next available session. New starters should attend a session as soon as possible after arrival.

 All new staff and postgraduate students must complete the safety records on their MyInfo page (https://intranet.ee.ucl.ac.uk/myinfo) as soon as possible after the completion of mandatory training and inductions:

  • Staff: please upload copies of your validated workstation assessment.
  • PGR Students please upload copies of:
    • your completion certificates for the UCL Fire Safety and UCL safety induction
    • your validated workstation assessment
  • All: after receiving the Departmental fire & general safety induction, please complete the ‘local fire safety’ and ‘local Health and Safety’ web forms on MyInfo to record the training. You will be reminded to do so during the induction.

 Note that visiting staff and students who join the department for extended periods (e.g. more than two weeks) are treated in the same way as any of our permanent staff or students for safety training purposes. People visiting for less than at most two weeks are considered guests of the department for safety purposes and they do not have to undertake training. However, they should be always escorted by a staff member and will not be allowed or expected to perform any hazardous tasks that require safety training.

All Managers, supervisors and Principal Investigators (PIs) must complete the Safety Risk Management Programme training

Staff members and postgraduate students may require other safety training, depending on your role and responsibilities. These requirements will be documented in the Dept lab manual, facility safety arrangements and/or lab rules.

Lab access is only permitted once a suitable, formal lab induction has been provided.