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Working from home/remote working

There is no requirement to do a DSE assessment for brief periods of remote working (if you only do an occasional home-working day, for example no more than once per week on average). However, you should still carry out self-checks of your home workspace:

  • Try to think about finding a space within your home environment that enables you to work undisturbed, has sufficient lighting (preferably natural daylight) and is maintained at a comfortable temperature.
  • If you do not have access to an office desk and office chair at home, make good use of any table and chair, as opposed to sitting on the sofa or in bed.
  • Ensure you take regular breaks.
  • Try to stand up and move away from the computer during these breaks, giving your body a rest from sitting in the same position for long periods.
  • Using a separate monitor, keyboard and mouse is also recommended instead of using a laptop and trackpad, if available.

Colleagues and students who work either the majority, or a significant minority of their time at home should complete a Display Screen Equipment (DSE) assessment for their remote workspace, in addition to their DSE assessment for their on-site workspace. 

Where recommendations arise from remote working DSE assessments, the department & UCL will bear the cost of measures where they are considered proportionate.

The most common issues remote workers identify can often be resolved with items costing £50 or less:

  • Keyboard & Mouse: to attach to a laptop for greater comfort and usability than a touchpad/integrated laptop keyboard
  • Footrest: if feet do not touch the floor when seated or user requires foot support
  • Laptop stand: allows laptop screen to sit at correct eyeline without requiring external monitor
  • Extra back support- mesh back/lumber support for chairs for users with back issues

If you feel that an under £50 item will assist with issues identified in your assessment, these can be obtained via the UCL purchasing system (MyFinance) as an expense. Please note that research staff will need to discuss any purchases they wish to make for remote working with their supervisors prior to making any purchases.

The department appreciates that not everyone has a suitable work area or furniture that can be adapted easily this easily. If necessary, the Dept. will also meet the cost of larger items over the £50 threshold, for example:

  • Basic office desks
  • Office chairs
  • Adjustable platforms to adapt desks/tables to standing-height desks

Where equipment or furniture costing over £50 is necessary, please contact the Dept. Finance Manager in the first instance.

The Department recognises these items may still be insufficient, particularly if you have specific health issues or accessibility needs. Please contact the Department DSE advisor in such cases to discuss your support needs.