UCL Department of Electronic and Electrical Engineering
Staff/Student Intranet

Adding content to departmental web pages

How to add content to your personal web space

  • Use an SFTP client (WinSCP on Windows, or CyberDuck on OS X) to connect to the host "ssh.ee.ucl.ac.uk"
  • Login with your usual UCL userid and password
  • Navigate to the folder public_html and transfer the file to this folder
  • You will need to change the permissions on this file once it is in the public_html folder. How you do this will vary depending on what client you are us - i.e. in WinSCP you right click on the file in the public_html folder and choose "properties". In the permissions section you need to make sure that the file has the "R" box checked for "owner", "Group" and "Others".

When this has been done you should be able to view the file at:


(where "userid" is replaced with your userid and "file.html" is the name of your uploaded file)

Tip:: If you want this page to be the default page that people can view at https://www.ee.ucl.ac.uk/~userid, then you should name it "index.html"