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Safety Committee

Committee contact information

Safety committee meetings are held a minimum of twice year (more should there be any health and safety incidents or required actions). At these meetings any\all safety concerns, new policies and changes are discussed.

The Safety committee is made up off seven key members of staff and the meetings are also open for any for any other member of staff should they wish to attend.

Name Room Tel Ext
Head of Department
Prof Sarah Spurgeon 709 57871
Departmental Safety Officer
Dr Kenneth Tong 1002 33019
Deputy Departmental Safety Officer
Andrew Moss 612 33043
Laser Safety Officer
Prof Cyril Renaud 903 33982
Chemical Safety Officer
Kevin Lee 902 33998
Departmental Manager
Paul McKenna 717 33186
Wellbeing Champion
Vicky Coombes 703 37307
Technical Services Mananger
Simon Barnes 609 33898
Green Champion & Legionella Awareness Officer
Steve Hudziak 902 33991