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New and Expectant Mothers

Guidance for New and Expectant Mothers and Managers

Guidance for Managers:

In line with UCL's Maternity Policy, once an employee notifies their line manager that they are pregnant, an assessment must be conducted. The risk assessment should identify any potential risks in the workplace to the employee and their unborn child. The risk assessment must also take into account any medical advice from the pregnant worker's GP or midwife, about the health of the pregnant worker.

Please use the checklist below to begin assessing any risks that may be affecting the new/expectant mothers. Add rows below to discuss specific risks for the individual, this could be due to their workplace i.e. laboratory work and exposure to chemicals or personal medical conditions that need to be taken into consideration regarding the risks while working.

This checklist needs to be reviewed and updated at least once a trimester while pregnant and can be used post pregnancy due to any risks while breastfeeding. It can also be updated at any time to ensure it is up-to-date with any changing circumstances during and after birth.

Please consider the current EEE General Office Risk Assessment and any Risk Assessments for their current working location(s).

Guidance for New/Expectant Mothers: 

Please note UCL has many quiet spaces with some appropriate breast feeding.

At any point you can update your manager/HR with changes to your pregnancy journey and be reassessed to make sure you are protected against any risks. 

New/Expectant Mothers Checklist