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Safe working in offices & communal spaces

We expect all staff and students to share responsibility for the general cleanliness of their offices and for keeping the shared areas of the Department free of spillages, clutter, food and accumulated rubbish and work in accordance with the EEE General Office Risk Assessment.

Building faults and damage should be reported to defects@ee.ucl.ac.uk.

We expect staff and students to avoid creating obvious health and safety hazards such as trailing wires and other trip hazards, unstable filing cabinets, blocking fire escape routes etc.

Stressed at work? There may be times where you feel overwhelmed and stressed at work. Stress can impact the physical and mental health of staff, as well as their behaviour, performance, and relationships with colleagues. You can take a self assessment to help identify issues before approaching your manager to discuss. At EEE and UCL we aim to ensure,  that staff work in a safe environment with safe systems of work. You can find out more on stress management on the central UCL pages.