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Housekeeping & Hygiene

  • Don’t bring laboratory activities into offices, especially anything involving open mains voltage equipment or chemicals
  • Don’t block doors, especially fire exits
  • Don’t allow your office area to become cluttered with trip hazards or unstable storage
  • Don’t leave waste or packaging in the corridor assuming someone else will deal with it for you
  • Don’t leave food waste or dirty plates/cutlery in offices
  • Keep communal areas and shared appliances clean and tidy
  • Use or dispose of food in fridges before it goes out of date.

In general, if you make a mess, clean it up! If you are expecting to create a lot of waste (e.g., a large order is arriving with lots of packaging) request for a collection by the porters via defects@ee.ucl.ac.uk.

The wearing of masks or face coverings is required when moving around buildings and the wider UCL site unless you have a medical need to not do so.

Masks are not required within shared offices, labs or workshops provided social distancing can be maintained and the room is well ventilated.

Hands should be washed or sanitised after entering a building, moving between buildings and between rooms in buildings, before and after eating and drinking, after using communal facilities, after touching high contact surfaces such as door handles, and when arriving home. For handwashing advice see the NHS guides here. Toilets should be flushed with the lids closed to prevent splashes and aerosols.

Hand sanitising facilities are available at the front entrance to the Roberts building and MPEB. Hygiene stations with hand sanitiser, disinfectant wipes and pare face masks have been set up in labs and shared offices. If you find stocks have run low, please email defects@ee.ucl.ac.uk to report.

Many of UCL’s buildings are very old, and there are inevitably pest problems. You will see traps in our corridors and communal areas, and in some offices; please do not touch these as they contain poison. You can help avoid pest problems by ensuring you do not leave food or food waste in offices.

If you find issues with the building in your work area - leaks, faulty heating/cooling, damage to floors or walls etc. Please raise a report by emailing defects@ee.ucl.ac.uk. If the problem is urgent contact the Technical Services Manager directly.

Please report faulty furniture either via defects@ee.ucl.ac.uk or directly to the Departmental office in room 705. It is very important that any furniture with damaged fabric is reported as soon as possible- once the foam interior is exposed, the furniture is no longer fire safe and should be replaced immediately.

For more information on reporting faults and safety issues, please see the Reporting Safety Concerns pages.