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Security Awareness & Challenge Policy

Due to its very public central London location and a largely open site, UCL buildings have occasionally suffered unauthorised entry and thefts.

We therefore ask all our staff and students to try to be as security aware as possible, namely;

  • Watch out for people trying to tailgate you when entering via exterior doors and through card barriers on entry to buildings,
  • Don’t leave office and lab doors intentionally open or accidentally ajar,
  • Don’t allow people you don’t recognise entry to offices and labs if they don’t have a key or pass card,
  • Report any people acting suspiciously to Security.

Due to the possibility of physical threat, we do not recommend you directly challenge people acting suspiciously. Instead, contact Security personnel, either in person or via phone on 020 7679 2222, with a location and description of the people concerned.  For more information see Staying Safe at UCL on the Security Services webpages.