UCL Department of Electronic and Electrical Engineering
Staff/Student Intranet


How to access wired and wireless network services

Wired Networks

Only support staff are authorized to connect devices to the departmental wired network. In order to connect to the main production network, the device will need to be owned by UCL and managed by the local IT support team. If you have other requirements then please speak to the IT team and we will see if we can accommodate them.

Wireless Networks

UCL provides the Eduroam wireless network, which all UCL students/staff should be able to connect to. This service is provided ISD, but local IT support staff are happy to help with getting your device connected.

External Guests

Any external guests that are unable to access Eduroam can use the UCL Guest service. Any users of UCL Guest will need to be pre-registered by support staff. UCL is migrating away from this service to a new service identified by the SSID "The Cloud". External guests should be able to register for this service themselves.