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How to access UCL's wireless network service

There is comprehensive information on how to access the Eduroam wireless network at:


ISD will support Eduroarm on Windows or OS X, but not on linux.  Local support staff are happy to help with getting your devices connected.

How to configure Eduroam on a Linux PC

This method was primarily designed for raspberry pi's that needed to automatically connect to eduroam each time they powered up, but it can also be used on other linux distributions.

Download the eduroam-linux-config.zip archive and extract it on your Linux PC (or raspberry pi):

unzip eduroam-linux-config.zip

This will create a directory. You will need to enter that directory to run the script:

cd eduroam-linux-config

Then change the file permissions to make the scriipt executable:

chmod 700 eduroam-configure

Run the script via sudo:

sudo ./eduroam-configure

Once you have entered your UCL userid and password it should save the config file that will allow you to automatically connect to Eduroam.

Once this has been done you should reboot and see if this automatically connects. If this has a problem then you can look at the file /var/log/syslog to see what has occurred.

If there is an error message in /var/log/syslog that shows that “rkfill” is soft blocking the wireless interface you can unblock it by running the command:

sudo rfkill unblock wlan

Hopefully after rebooting you should automatically connect to eduroam. If you need to debug this you can look at the state of the wlan0 interface by typing:

sudo ifconfig -a 

You can also see the state of the access point association by typing the command:

sudo iwconfig wlan0
This will work as long as your saved UCL password is correct. Once your UCL password has been changed you will need to run the script again to reconfigure access to Eduroam