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Firefighting & Fire Controls

There is no expectation for UCL staff to fight fires directly, and unless you have received specific training you should not use fire extinguishers.

Department buildings are provided with hand-held extinguishers at key points in corridors. These are of either CO2 or water-mist types. These are suitable for both paper and electrical fires.

 firec-ext-mist.png fire-ext-co2.png

Other types of hand-held firefighting gear may be present in certain laboratories and workshops depending on the hazards- you will be informed of these if you will work in these areas.

In the Roberts building you will also see other fire control measures such as fire shutters and fire hoses at the entry to each floor. The fire hoses are for the use of the emergency services only. The fire shutters are historic and are no longer required by the building fire safety plan- please do not be concerned by the ‘out of use’ notices on these!