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Fire Safety symbols and instruction signs

You will see a variety of different fire and safety instruction messages around our buildings including variations on the examples above. Rather than provide an exhaustive list of fire safety signs you will see around campus it is more important that you understand what the different colours and categories of symbols mean and follow all instructions on safety signage. These are likely to be very familiar as the colours and symbols are standardised worldwide, but you may notice some differences in style if are joining UCL from overseas.


Mandatory – Blue circle

Any signs with a blue colour display mandatory rules- you must follow the instructions on these signs.


Safe condition - Green square/rectangle

These signs indicate a either a safe location, a route to a safe location, or the location of safety equipment (e.g., first aid or emergency phone).


Fire equipment - Red square or rectangle

Indicates the presence of fire-fighting equipment and also fire alarm break glass points.


Warning/Hazard- Yellow triangle

Indicates the presence of a hazard, e.g., dangerous area, dead end, or trip hazard, that may encounter either in our work area or on your escape route.