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Undergraduate Project Laboratory

Information about the project lab and information for 3rd/4th year students.

The project laboratory facility is for students conducting 3rd/4th year projects as part of there course.

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The location of the project lab is in room 6.12 of the Malet Place Engineering Building.

The project lab comprises of dedicated work benches set up for electrical and electronic projects as well as other dedicated lab equipment.

Bench Setup (2x Computer, 2x DC power supply, DMM, Arbitrary waveform generator, Pico scope(MSO) and Oscilloscope).

Soldering facilities (Hand soldering, Hot air soldering, reflow ovens and IR soldering) with fume extraction.

Stereoscopic microscopes.

Fridge for cold chemical storage.

Hand tools (cutters, pliers, wire strippers, crimps, spanners, saws, files, etc.).

SMD Pick and place. 

Presentation screens.

All projects undertook within the project laboratory requires a valid risk assessment which must be approved by the teaching lab technicians before work can commence and whilst working in the laboratory the code of practice must be followed.

A few documents are listed below to help complete the project risk assessment.

Project Lab Guide

Project Lab 6.12 MPEB Code of practice

Risk assessment Example (page 1)

Risk assessment Example (page 2)

Risk assessment Activities\Hazards\Risk\Control Help

Soldering Code of practice

Computer use Code of practice

Laser Safety Code of practice

A selection of components are provided for you but some components may have to be ordered for your project. Please using the teaching lab Wiki Page to list your components and only use the suppliers listed.