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Secure Global Desktop

How to access SGD

The Secure Global Desktop service (SGD) can be used to access applications remotely. It can also be used to remotely login to a full Linux or Windows desktop.

This service is available via any internet enabled host, at:: https://sgd.ee.ucl.ac.uk

All Platforms:

The latest version of SGD requires you to install a client to connect. This is by far the simplest way to connect and we strongly recommend that you use this method. You can download and install a client from:


Download the client for your platform. and then install. If you have admin rights on the PC you are installing on, then choose to "Install for Everyone". If you do not have admin rights you can just choose to "Install Only for Me".

Once you have installed you should visit the SGD server to login:


On Windows and Linux SGD should now load

If you are using a Mac some additional steps are required:

  • For Mac OS 10.8.* and above, download and install XQuartz: http://xquartz.macosforge.org
  • Download and install Firefox.
  • Start XQuartz (X11 application in "Applications" >> "Utilities" >> "X11" - must be running before firefox).
  • XQuartz look in preferences and untick "Authenticate XTraffic".
  • If you have used SGD on this macbook with a previous OS you will need to remove the native client that was originally installed. Open a terminal window ("Applications" >> "Utilities" >> "Terminal") and type the command: rm -rf $HOME/.tarantella