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Printing Services

Quotas, adding printers, checking budgets

Departmental print  services are separate from the main UCL campus - you have a separate quota for both. This FAQ concerns printing within the EE department only.

Setting up a printer

  • 704 Computer lab - this should already be set up. print to "Canon_Secure" to print in monochrome (black & white) or "Canon_Secure_Colour" to print in colour. Both automatically print double sided.
  • Windows Desktops - Start Menu > Type "\\vm-canon" in the search box and press return. In the window that appears, double click on "Canon_Secure" to add the MFDs. If there is another printer available to you in your office, you should be able to double click and add that in the same manner.
  • Linux - contact Support (support@ee.ucl.ac.uk) with the name of the host you are using and the location of the printer you wish to use.

Print quotas

Quarter start dates = 1st January, 1st April, 1st July, 1st October

Undergraduate Print budget set to £25 per quarter
MSc Print budget set to £25 per quarter
PhD print budget has £50 added to it every quarter

Print charges

single or double sided monochrome A4 document 5p
single or double sided colour A4 document 20p
single or double sided monochrome A3 document 20p
single or double sided colour A3 document 40p

Checking your print budget

  • When you touch in to an MFD, the initial screen should state your budget at the top.
  • You will receive an automated email advising you when your print quota is low.
  • You can also log into the print budget webpage to check your budget and print usage

Printers in the department

When you print to "Canon_Secure" your printouts are potentially accessible on any of the Canon multifunction devices (MFDs) dotted around the department in the following locations:

  • Room 610 (teaching lab - Undergraduate/MSc access)
  • Room 702
  • Room 704 (computer lab - Undergraduate/MSc access)
  • Room 808
  • Room 905 (not available at the moment)
  • Room 1012
  • Room 1106
  • 7th Floor MPEB

MFDs are able to photocopy and print in colour/mono as well as scan documents (emailed to your account as a PDF or image). In certain postgraduate/research rooms there may be a mono laser printer available.

Using your UCL ID Card to log into the printers

The MFDs require you to touch in in order to print, photocopy or scan. The first time you touch in, it will prompt you for your userid and password - these are the details you usually use to log into computer services at EE (no @ucl.ac.uk needed). After you have registered these details once, they will be associated with your ID card and from then on you will just need to touch in to log in.