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    Teaching Lab - Room 6.02 MPEB

    Room 6.02 MPEB

    During your time spent in the teaching laboratory you will be given a number of experiments, scenarios and projects to under take.  You will have to design, build, test and measure various circuits and devices. These experiments range from analogue and digital to telecommunication and instrumentation.

    The primary use of the laboratory is to introduce you to a hands on approach in electronic engineering, also lots of the experimental work that you do in the laboratory is intended to tie together with many points taught to you in your lectures and to cross the bridge between 2 or more subjects in one experiment.

    This web site is intended to help you within your laboratory work through out your chosen coarse. If you forget some of the basics you might find them here.

    Contained within these pages are useful guides telling you how to use the equipment, construct circuits and supply information about the components in the lad i.e data sheets. Also what to do and who to see if you miss a lab session and you need to catch up on your work.

    Absent From Labs

    If you miss a laboratory session due to illness or other unavoidable matters, you maybe able to catch up later in the term provided that we have the room and equipment for you to do it.

    This is only allowed if you have a good reason for being absent.

    If you can not attend a laboratory session or have to catch up on a missing laboratory sessions can you please let the relevant people know i.e. Tutors and Lab co-ordinators.

    Laboratory Technician Contact information


    Name Room Email Phone
    Gerald McBrearty MPEB 6.10 g.mcbrearty@ucl.ac.uk

    33053 / 33043

    Andrew Moss MPEB 6.10 andrew.moss@ucl.ac.uk

    07857 / 33043

    Muhammad Omer MPEB 6.10


    02395 / 33043

    Martin Scott MPEB 6.10A uceesco@ucl.ac.uk

    07858 / 33043