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Antenna Measurement

The microwave, radar, and optics research group is equipped with advanced measurement facilities to support the wide range of research projects undertaken. These capabilities include a state-of-the-art electromagnetic antenna measurement equipment. This unique integrated system can measure antenna radiation patterns with full 3D coverage over a frequency range from 2 to 40 GHz (S, C, X, Ku, K and Ka bands) with an anticipated extension to lower frequencies.

In contrast to Far-Field or Compact-Range systems, a Near-Field system takes both amplitude and phase measurements. Provided that enough data samples are gathered, the radiation from the antenna is completely specified, giving us the flexibility to transform the data to any radius from the antenna, including the Far-Field at infinite radius. Most Near-Field systems such as planar and cylindrical systems take samples in a limited region of space surrounding the antenna, and assume there is zero radiation outside the measurement zone. Our Spherical Near-Field Measurement System measures the radiation field over a full spherical surface surrounding the antenna, so that truncation errors are eliminated and true antenna radiation patterns are obtained.

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sphericalplot.jpegAcknowledging our installation is among the most advanced antenna measurement facilities in any European University, we also offer measurement services to other institutions and industry. Realising that industrial customers demand the best possible quality assurance, we have invested in a turn-key solution delivered by MI Technologies, rather than building a DIY measurement facility. We now have one of the best facilities around and are proud to offer antenna measurement and consultancy services to industry as well as fellow academic institutions.

People come to us because:

  • We offer a competitive daily rate
  • Our facility is well equipped and up to modern standards
  • Customers can tap directly into a well of knowledge on antenna design and measurements
  • Our drive and enthusiasm translates into an unmatched flexibility towards the customer

We also cater for an exciting range of extra services. One of our strong points is the flexibility we can show towards our customers and we are prepared to offer you the services that you need. Check this list of extra services that other customers found useful:

  • Mail Service: Save yourself the trouble of traveling into central London. Mail your antenna to us, and let us do the measurements.
  • Data-Store: What's the axial ratio at 30 deg off boresight? Let us keep your data and you can keep troubling us with nasty questions! It's so much easier than going through the data yourself.
  • Data-Safeguard: We have special procedures to deal with sensitive data. The measurement process takes place in top-secret mode and the data is stored on a separate hard-drive in a safe.
  • Mechanical adapter manufacturing: If your antenna has a non-standard mount that does not readily fits to our positioner, we can make a mechanical adapter for you.
  • Extra-flex: In a hurry? Buy extra-time and we'll work the night for you.
  • Consultancy Services: Get us involved more closely in the design and development of your antenna and RF products - we love it.

In accordance with our pricing objectives, all extra services are offered at minimum cost. Contact us to discuss your service-package and we will make you an unbeatable offer - and that's a promise